Website Booking Buttons

Business' websites are probably their most important sales channel, facilitating bookings and product sales in a very efficient manner. Transactional websites, where customers book, buy and pay are critical to efficient operations.

Available Transactions

Shopperee provides the following eCommerce functions:

Transaction Type Description Example Use
Appointment Booking Variable Time Bookings Spa Bookings, Personal Training Sessions, Consultation Appoints (Accounting, Physio), Tennis Court Bookings
Schedule Booking Fixed Time Bookings Drama Class, Tennis Class or Professional Training Bookings
Product Sales eCommerce Product Sales Tennis Equipment, Personal Training Gear, Yoga Accessories, Health & Beauty Items
Online Payment Online Invoice Payments Invoice Customers for Any Products or Services and give them an entry point for payment.

Note that transaction URLs for your business will be given to you by your Shopperee Account Manager.

Call to Action - Where to Place Transactional Buttons

The best place to put key actions that you want your customers to act on, like "book now", is an area known as "above the fold" on each page - this area fills the whole screen when the page is first loaded. Good website design places menu navigation, contact points and other important actions in familiar top left or top right positions.

The placement of Transactional Buttons for Shopperee is therefore recommended:

  1. Above the fold, and
  2. On every page of your website

This ensures that your customers can see the button and follow through without having to 'look' for where to click. The following shows a typical placement:


Sample Site -

To see a leading example of booking buttons, go to Note how the business has chosen to use its own design for booking buttons which include text and infographics. These designs quickly convey information to customers without the need for them to read or think.


Default Shopperee Buttons and HTML

To enable easy integration for businesses, Shopperee provides a set of standard images which can be used as transactional buttons. These can be sourced here: Button Pack

Sample of Default Buttons:

booknow.jpg payonline.jpg

HTML (for your website developer)

Source code for transaction buttons are simple anchors which use images as the focus of action. This HTML is simply inserted into any page and enable customers to click through to transact. See the following sample code which shows transactions for business ABC.

Sample Book Now Button Source Code

<a href= style='text-decoration: none;' >
<img src= border=0 />

Sample Pay Online Button Source Code

<a href= style='text-decoration: none;' >
<img src= border=0 />

Note that you will need to replace the text businessabc above with the one that you are assigned by your Shopperee Account Manager.

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