Vouchers are a form of purchasing incentive which are distributed by you as a code. Customers use these codes to unlock discounts. Vouchers help to drive demand and, in combination with an impending expiry, build scarcity into products or services to help crystalise sales. Vouchers are commonly used to:

  1. Drive short term sales in marketing tacticals,
  2. Track the ROI of particular advertising channels, or
  3. Buy traffic through an aggregator such as Group On.

Shopperee accepts two forms of vouchers:

  • Checkout vouchers - discounts applied at checkout and distributed by your business via Shopperee.
  • Ticket vouchers - discounts applied based on the booking party. These are distributed by aggregators such as Group On, Travelzoo or your business via Shopperee.

Checkout Vouchers

Checkout vouchers are used at point of sale i.e. at the end of the booking flow. These are particularly useful as they help drive the message of value to customers. The voucher helps customers see the total value of the transaction as well as value gained from the discount.

Checkout vouchers are created in the My Business > Vouchers page on the Checkout tab. Fields required include:

Field Description
CODE A code up to 30 characters in length used to distinguish the voucher.
Expiry Date Last day the code may be used.
Campaign A short descriptor for the tactical. E.g. Valentine's Day Sale. Please note that your customers will see this field in checkout.
Description A long description for the campaign.
Type Schedule, Service, Product, Multi-Service, Total Checkout
See below for more information.
Discount Type Percentage - apply the discount as a percentage of the price for the product or service. If multiples are purchased within the transaction, the discount applies to each relevant item within the multiple
Dollar Amount - discount the specified dollar amount from the price of the product or service. If multiples are purchased within the transaction, the discount is applied to each relevant item within the multiple
Discount A number specifying the percentage or dollar amount of discount based on the "Discount Type" field.

Checkout Voucher Types

Single Item Vouchers

Single item vouchers are those that encourage customers to buy a particular service or product. Managers would use these to encourage the purchase of a particular inventory type before the voucher expiry date. There are three kinds of single item vouchers:

  1. Schedule - use these to offer discounts on a particular schedule. For example, offering a discount on a "Saturday 12-1pm Tennis Lesson" would gives discounts to buyers who book this particular schedule.
  2. Service - use these to offer discounts on a type of service. Buyers who buy more than one of these services can get the discount multiple times. For example, offering a discount on "whale watching" services would give discounts to buyers who buy 1 or more of these services.
  3. Product - use these to offer discounts on a particular type of product. For example, offering a voucher for boxing gloves would give discounts to buyers who buy the particular boxing glove on offer.

Multi-Service Vouchers

These vouchers offer discounts for customers who buy 2 or more of a particular type of service or services. Take the following examples:

  1. A Tennis school wants to encourage customers to book into both weeks of School Holiday Tennis Clinics. To do so, the school creates a "Multi-Service" voucher with service type "Holiday Clinic" and minimum booking set to "2". To obtain the discount, customers must book at least 2 "Holiday Clinics" per student. This means for a two week holiday period, customers must book into week 1 and week 2 to get a discount.
  2. A Yoga centre wants to encourage customers to book into both wellness and stretching sessions. To do so, the centre creates a "Multi-Service" voucher with service type "Wellness" and "Stretch" and minimum booking set to "2". To obtain the discount customers must book 2 schedules made up of wellness and/or stretch.

Total Checkout

This voucher enables manager to checkout provide discounts on any checkout. For example, if a 5% discount is offered for a particular period, any customer with the appropriate voucher code will have his or her total discounted by 5% at checkout.

Using Checkout Vouchers

Once vouchers are created, they are distributed through advertising or - more directly - by eDM. NB: in all campaign materials containing your code(s) you should clearly state the conditions of discount not only limited to but including the type of service or good discounted, the expiry date and value of the discount.

Distribution of vouchers requires you to copy terms & conditions and the voucher code into your offline ad, online ad or eDM.

Ticket Vouchers

Ticket vouchers are vouchers that can be exchanged for tickets sold for services using the "TICKET" pricing facility on Shopperee. These are oftentimes sold through aggregators such as Group On or Travelzoo but can also be self generated in an excel file for businesses to sell themselves.

Ordinarily, ticket vouchers are uploaded from excel files which contain the following fields:

Field Description
Agent Description of the agent used
Voucher code Code used to identify the voucher
Value The value of the voucher being redeemed. Note that if the ticket price is greater than the voucher value, only the amount up to the voucher value is discounted.
Adults The number of adult tickets which can be redeemed.
Children The number of child tickets which can be redeemed.
Ticket type A code describing the ticket type specified in the service.
Last Offer date The last day of the service may be booked.
Expiry date The last day the transaction may be made.

Non-Customer Specific

Most ticket vouchers issued are made through third party aggregators. In such cases, Shopperee managers would upload batches of vouchers via an excel CSV file. The page for upload can be found at My Business > Vouchers > Upload.

In this scenario, the ticket voucher is not customer specific, meaning that any customer can transact as long as they hold the correct voucher number and security pin combination. These ticket vouchers can only be used once.

Using Excel To Generate Your Own Ticket Vouchers

As Shopperee allows the upload of ticket vouchers through excel CSV files, it is possible for managers to generate their own ticket vouchers. This facility is handy when codes can be distributed through your own channels. Take for example, a business which needs a set of tickets to sell at a charity auction or for marketing giveaways. To do so, the manager need only complete the fields specified in the table above and generate a random code using excel's random number generator.

Customer Specific

Using Shopperee, managers can also create a set of ticket vouchers for specific customers. When doing so, the ticket can be catered to suit the customer's needs. This includes creating a voucher which can cater for any combination of adults and children redeemable at a set rate. This feature is can be used when selling group tickets or when replacing customer tickets.

Customer specific tickets can be created at the following points:

  1. My Business > Customer > Edit Customer page which has been brought up with a specific customer.
  2. Schedule Bookings > Schedule > Edit Booking page where a set of customers has been selected and the "voucher" button clicked.

After such vouchers are created, managers can create communications with the voucher code through the My Business > Vouchers > Customer tab.

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