Voucher Only Booking

Voucher only bookings enable you to book with only vouchers you have bought on deals sites such as Our Deals, Groupon, Travel Zoo or Cudo.

Step 1

Select Your Tour

  • Use left menu filters to find exact tour.
  • Click "Book Now" to select your tour.
  • Click "Next" when done.

Step 2

Identify Yourself

  • Use your choice of returning customer details, new registration or Facebook login to identify yourself.
  • Complete the requisite details and click "Next" to continue.

Step 3

Select Tickets and Redeem Vouchers

  • Enter in the number of tickets required - note that these must match the vouchers that you have bought.
  • Enter the voucher codes and details of passengers.
  • Click "Submit Order" to continue.


  • Once you have clicked "Submit Order" above, you will receive an email to confirm your booking.
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