Visitor Funnel

This report is part of your main dashboard and provides an understanding of the traffic funnel to your site.

The report enables understanding of a few traffic basics:

How many visitors are you getting?
Which pages are your visitors accessing?
Who are your referrers? Google, Bing, …
Where do your visitors come from?


To use these reports you must enable Google Analytics tracking on your website and setup your Goggle Analytics profile id in Shopperee.

How Your Dashboard Works

Chart Description
Visitors Use this chart to help you understand how many visitors you receive on a daily basis. Compare total visitors against new ones. New visitors are people who are most likely to contribute to sales growth in your business.
Page Views This chart helps you understand which pages visitors are accessing. With this information, you will have better lead information on services or products which are most in demand, enabling you to have better consideration in planning, pricing and execution.
Referrers Customers accessing your site will either do so directly (by typing your URL in their browser) or via a referrer (a search engine or blog link).With an understanding of site referrers, you can estimate the approximate ROI on each of your ad campaigns - determining which channel returns the highest number of visitors for better returning ad budget allocation.
Geography This tells you where your visitors come from.This'll help you understand if your online campaigns are reaching the right geographies or 'marketing-areas'.
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