Trial Booking

Trial bookings can be enabled for new customers booking into scheduled services. This feature enables customers to book, trial a service before deciding to pay. The booking cycle is shown in the diagram below:



  1. To enable trial bookings, choose YES to the "Trial" feature in My Business > Setup > Payments tab.
  2. Create your notification email in MHT format, upload to Shopperee, then setup your Automated Trial Notification in My Business > Auto Email/SMS

Emailing Trial Customers

When new customers trial, they are automatically marked as "TRIAL" in segmentation 2. This enables managers to use the reporting or communication wizard and select the "TRIAL" segment to email notifications, invoices or any matters of communication.

Note that the TRIAL segment is automatically removed when customers pay.

Removing Trial Status

To remove a customer's trial status:

  1. Have them pay for their trial service OR
  2. Go to the edit customer page and change Segmentation 2 to blank.


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