Term Based Business Cycle

Term based businesses thrive with Shopperee as the software's features compliment most term processes reducing significant administration. In general such businesses follow the lifecycle illustrated below.


To enable or use the features above, Shopperee managers should use the following overview to guide term operations.

Step 1: Online Bookings and Email Invoices

Feature Description
Online Bookings Creating services and schedules automatically enables online bookings. Read more about this at schedules.
Email Invoices Emailing invoices is a quick process stepping through the communications wizard. More information can be found at communications.

Step 2: Online Payments and Daily Reconciliation

Feature Description
Online Bookings Payments are key to reducing administration, enabling automated book to pay self managed processes for customers. To assist Shopperee enables connection to several different payment providers. For more information see payments.
Daily Reconciliation Daily reconciliation is a process where managers check their bank accounts and mark off payments in Shopperee.
To complete this task:
1. Find your customer using their payment reference number or name using search.
2. Click on the "Red" journal button to modify their account.
3. Register full or partial payment.

Step 3: Email/SMS Late Notices and Debtor Reporting

Feature Description
Email Late Notices Emailing late notices is identical to emailing initial invoices except different content is used to communicate urgency of payment. More information can be found at communications.
Debtor Reporting Debtor and other types of reporting are available in the reporting wizard. In this context, managers should use the Financial > Account Summary or Detail report.

Step 4: Rollover for Next Term

Rollover is a step enabling fast rescheduling (or recurring) schedules. More information can be found at rollover.

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