Social Panel

The social panel is a widget which allows your business to gain social network advertising impressions. It is a way which your customers tell others about your business in a 'grass roots' manner. Many eCommerce businesses such as Amazon and the Iconic use social network impressions to gain social recommendations. These are free (although may be boosted with payment on some networks) and are a great way to enjoy free marketing.

Currently, the panel is rolled out in the thank you page; however, it will eventually be rolled out on the service and product pages to enable your customers to forward interesting services or products you may offer.


Note that you can use the messaging that is offered through the panel to align to your mission, value proposition or even marketing tactical.

Facebook Setup

To enable integration of Facebook, the following setup variables must be completed in the Setup page.

Variable Description Mandatory
Page ID Facebook business page id, eg. 250256401728622 Yes
Tab Canvas URL Facebook page URL which leads to business page, eg. Yes
Feed Description A description of your business including the types of services provided. This should invite potential customers to click through to your facebook page. No - but your feed will be better if you describe your business
Feed Logo Caption A small and effective pitch for your business Yes
Feed Logo A 400x400 logo for your business Yes

See the following diagram to understand how the different variables are published in a Facebook Feed.


Social Email Setup

Social emails are dependent on variables completed for Facebook. See below for additional setup variables.

Variable Description Mandatory
Social Email Suggestion An initial message which your customers would overwrite. This acts as a suggestion. An example sentence would be "Checkout the deals offered at this Yoga studio!" No

Social Email Template

In addition, the template for Social Emails may be changed. This could be changed to use your business's creative or add additional attachments such as "Terms and Conditions" or "Product Catalogs". To modify the social email template, you must:

Download, edit and upload the "Social Email" template found in the My Files page. For more information, see managing templates.
Specify the new template in the My Business > Automated Emails > Settings page.

Twitter Setup

Tweets are short messages of only 140 characters in length. These are meant to enable microblogging and relieve email and IM fatigue. The only variable which can be customised is "Twitter: Feed Suggestion". This allows you to customised the message that customers will microblog to their networks. Remember to keep it short and sweet …

Variable Description Mandatory
Twitter Feed Suggestion An initial message which your customers would overwrite. An example would be: "Checkout the tennis deals here!" No
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