Services are offered by your business for customers to book. These are not tangible like products but are acts requiring your specific skill set such as hair dressing, coaching or the provision of charter services (cruises).

In Shopperee, services capture

  1. Duration
  2. Categorisation (to enable customers to select a group of your services)
  3. Pricing
  4. Capacity
  5. Default Segmentation


Shopperee supports many different pricing models. Some of the commonly used pricing models are as follows:

Calculation Type Description
LUMPSUM This simple pricing policy charges the same lumpsum price for bookings.
TCLINIC Enables customers to select up to 5 different periods basing pricing on combinations of periods and options selected. This type is commonly used for tennis clinics. However, this is also applied to other combo based pricing methods.
TCLINICLS This pricing is identical to TCLINIC; however, the same lumpsum price is applied to any combo selected.
TICKET Enables pricing based on the type of ticket (Adult, Child, Infant, Student, Senior or Combo)
VOLUME Pricing is calculated on the duration of the service. This is typically used for tennis court hire.
WEEKLY Weekly rates enable businesses to specify costs on a weekly basis, aggregated for customers depending on the number of weeks the service is run.

Default Segmentation

Default segmentation enables managers to set a segmentation to customers based on the services they book. Setting this value against a service means that any customer who books the service has their segmentation 1 value automatically set to the default value.

This enables managers to group customers into segments based on their consumption behaviour for use in targeted marketing campaigns.

Advanced Features

Membership Discounts [Volume Pricing]

Shopperee enables membership discounts when using volume pricing where pricing is dependent on the duration of a service. This is particularly apt for tennis court hire where booking prices are not only dependent on duration of booking but membership status.

To get discounts, customers must be enrolled into a membership program which has not lapsed. The program is implemented by way a schedule whose end date has not passed. When member customers book services, the discounted price is used. Where customers are not members, they are offered membership which on subscription will enable the discounts. This checkout flow is illustrated in the image below:

To enable volume pricing discounts, managers must:

  1. Create a service whose pricing is LUMPSUM and type is VOLUME
  2. Specify regular, volume and member prices
  3. Select a dependent service which will be the membership service required for discount

Note that membership discounts are not enabled unless managers also create a corresponding membership schedule. This schedule must be active (and not lapsed) in order for Shopperee to offer membership at check-out.


Specifying dependency will request customers to add the dependent service to cart. For example, if a customer is required to have membership to receive your service, you may specify the membership as a dependency. Doing so will offer non-member customers the opportunity to subscribe at check-out.

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