Sending Emails

The Email Page

The Shopperee email page is like most other email services. In this page, managers specify the subject, cc and edit content as necessary. See below for a sample of the page:


To send an email, managers should:

  1. Ensure the sender email is complete. This is the email which is used to "send" the email which means that all replies and bounces will be sent to the address used in this input box.
  2. Click "Self CC" if a copy is required to the "sender" address.
  3. Choose a template from the set of pre-written emails.
  4. Edit as necessary in the email view area.

After completing email details, click "Send" in the bottom right of the page to send the email.

Editing Content

To edit emails, managers should click into the email area and change content as required. The editor is similar to most other editors including Microsoft Word. Managers are able to insert, edit or delete headers, paragraphs and tables including changes to fonts, sizes and colours.

Creating New Revisions or Versions

To create a new version, add the new revision name in the field called "Revision Name". This creates a new template based on the new edits with the name which has been specified in the field.

Including Attachments

To include an attachment, click the "Attachments" tab and select any template and uploaded PDF file to attach.

To read about uploading PDF files, please go to "Managing Templates".

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