Search is the easiest way to navigate to customers and customer-actions. Keywords can be in alphanumeric form and represent anything from a full or partial name, phone, an invoice reference or email address. From the results page, you will see the following detail:

  • Name
  • Invoice Reference
  • Bookings

Once results are displayed, you can take one or more of the following actions:

Icon Action Description
+ Edit customer Go directly to the customer record to edit details such as name, email, etc.
Email Use your own emailing program such as Microsoft Outlook to send an email to this customer
Contact Use Shopperee's communication wizard to contact the customer
SMS SMS this customer directly
Journal Add, remove or modify this customer's journal. Green indicates that there is no receivable outstanding.
Journal Add, remove or modify this customer's journal. Red indicates that there is receivable outstanding.
Ledger View this customer's ledger to undo payment transactions or just review history.
Review Enter this customer's schedule to review all payments and meta data.

Invoice Any Customer

Sometimes you may want to invoice customers who do not book directly with you or buy your products. Such customers may have long term hire agreements or contract you as a sub-contractor for services. In such situations, you can still use Shopperee as an invoicing tool.
To invoice any customer, you must:

  1. Create the customer in the My Business > Customer pages
  2. Search for the customer
  3. Find the Journal action as show above, either green or red - indicating if the customer has or does not have outstanding receivables
  4. Once in the journal pages, select "Add an additional charge" to create any receivable.
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