Schedules - Fixed Time Services

Schedules are services with fixed times. To create one, you have to specify the following attributes:

Type Description
Staff - the staff member who will lead or run the service
Location - the location where the service is held
Service - the service (including pricing and other service attributes such as maximum bookings) which will be provided
Dates and time - the date(s) on which the service is provided - sometimes services are offered on a series of dates such as a tennis coaching class

Schedules are often services which cater for groups of customers such as a tennis class, yoga class or a cruise.

As shown in the chart below, once a schedule is created, it is open for bookings for one or more customers. After bookings are made, a receivable journal is automatically created in Shopperee's accounting module, enabling payment and finance tracking.


By default, only live schedules (non-elapsed) are shown in the schedule page.

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