Shopperee Product Listings

Shopperee enables businesses to sell their products online. Such products are displayed in a tile form and may sometimes appear with a ribbon label notifying customers of note worthy points. The view is shown in the diagram below.


Shopperee's shopping cart is known as Smart Cart. This is because it is a self adjusting cart which bases ranking on the popularity of items.

Enabling the Shopperee Smart Cart

To enable Smart Cart, you have to create product records in the My Business > Product page. For more information see the Data List page.

Ribbon Label Rules

Shopperee's ribbon labels appear to notify your customers of heavily discounted items or newly sourced products. The rules for these are as follows:

  1. Red Sale Ribbon appears whenever an item has a discount > 33%
  2. New Ribbon appears for all items less than 20 days old

Product Picture Zoom

Shopperee also provides a multi picture zoom feature. All product pictures are zoomable; however, to provide the best experience for your customer, you should upload 3 high quality pictures. Pictures with a width > 1000 pixels will provide very good quality zooming. This feature is illustrated below.

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