Shopperee enables managers to accept common forms of payment such as credit card and PayPal by syndicating with 3rd party payment providers. Shopperee does process payments and does not charge for payments. Relationships and fees with payment providers are external to Shopperee meaning customers are free to negotiate the best deals they can for payment.

Payment types and providers supported by Shopperee include:

Payment Type Provider Description
autopay.png Automatic Payment PayChoice Automatic payments are enabled by Shopperee through storing credit cards on file for all invoice charges.
dd_logo.gif Bank Deposit Australian Banks Any Australian bank account details can be stored in Shopperee for display in invoices and during check-out for customer internet bank transfers.
paychoice.gif Visa, Mastercard, American Express PayChoice PayChoice offers a unique value proposition enabling businesses to accept credit cards without setup or monthly fees. Moreover, end customer charges are surchargeable so small business can remain fee neutral while offering credit card payments.
paychoice.gif Visa, Mastercard, American Express PayFlow PayFlow is a standard trusted credit card provider which enables payment processing to businesses with an internet merchant ID
paypal.gif PayPal PayPal PayPal is a secure and trusted payment provider open to businesses of all sizes.
cheque_logo.jpg Other N/A More traditional forms of payment including cheques, money orders and cash.
TRIAL TRIAL N/A Payment type which enables bookings without immediate payment. This is similar to 'Bank Deposit' or 'Other Payment'; however, there is reduced urgency to pay as the customer does not receive an invoice on initial booking.
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