MHT And MS Word

Shopperee provides a basic set of editable templates in MHT format. This format enables managers to edit emails - which are sent in bulk - with Microsoft Word. While the opening of such documents is somewhat more cumbersome than ordinary word files, the file format enables the use of Word - arguably the most commonly used word processor today.

Downloading Templates Files

To download templates, managers use the "Connect & Report > My Files" function to download the file they want to edit. Downloading simply requires clicking before choosing a location on your local computer to save.

Opening Templates Files

Once managers have downloaded MHT templates from Shopperee, there are two methods to open MHT files.

Using Windows Explorer
To use windows explorer:

  1. Start windows explorer
  2. Find the file in the location where you downloaded it
  3. Right click the file and go to the Open With menu
  4. If Microsoft Word is present, click it
  5. Otherwise use the menu item named "Choose default program …"
  6. When using the default menu feature, find MS Word in the list of recommended applications and select it

Opening Through Microsoft Word Directly
For merchants who do not use the Windows Operating System, template files can be opened from MS Word directly:

  1. Start MS Word
  2. Go to the File Menu
  3. Use the open function and search for the MHT you have downloaded from Shopperee

Saving/Uploading Files

Once editing is complete, save the file on your hard drive.

To use this file, go to the "Connect & Report > My Files" page and click the upload button to begin the upload procedure.

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