Merchandising Online

In retail terms, merchandising is the practice of selling your products or services to your customers. It could take the form of advertising, marketing or promotion.

For the online space, Shopperee enables the merchandising of your products and services through links direct to your offerings. These links are found in the following pages:

  1. For links to your various services: My Business > Services
  2. For links to your product: My Business > Products

There are two forms of links:

  • Shopperee links - these are links built into the Shopperee platform which lead customers to any service or product. These links are permanent and should be used for long term assets such as links from your website or other aggregators such as eBay or Group On. These links should never change.
  • Google Shortened URL - these are temporary links which, via Google, lead customers to any service or product on Shopperee. These links last for a limited period and should not be considered for any marketing assets that should persist for longer than 6 months. However, the advantage of using a shortened URL is the length of the address which could be more easily typed and remembered, which is perfect for micro blogging e.g. Twitter.

The figure below shows the two forms of merchandising links offered by Shopperee:


Book By Link Only

Schedules which have the "book-by-link-only" value checked will only be bookable by customers through the merchandising link. This allows managers to setup "closed" courses which are bookable only by invitation.

Merchandising Links Use

Merchandising links can be used in any marketing campaign such as:

  • Paid Search
  • Social Media
  • Offline Advertising

See our Internet Marketing page for more information.

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