Managing Templates

Template management is completed through the Connect & Report > My Files page. This page allows managers to download and delete existing templates and upload new files. There are three file types which may be uploaded through the page:

  • Microsoft Word MHT Template - these templates are created in Microsoft Word and saved as "Single File Web Page (MHT)". This gives managers and staff the ability to quickly create templates without any knowledge of HTML.
  • Adobe PDF Files - these are read-only files which are sent to customers as attachments in Shopperee emails. Generally, these are used to communicate general and non-customised information. Typical uses are Terms and Conditions, Product or Service Catalogs and General Information Sheets.
  • HTML Archive - these are zip files which contain an HTML page and potentially one or more directories with marketing creative. Generation of these files requires technical knowledge and is generally performed by a web designer. However, those who are comfortable with software such as Adobe Dreamweaver may opt to create their own HTML archives. Typical uses for these templates are EDM.

Create A Microsoft Word MHT Template (Used for Print Documents)

Creating a Microsoft Word MHT template is as simple as creating a document using Word, then saving as a "Single File Web Page (MHT)". However, typically managers will download a sample file from the "My Files" page to customise. This is because the standard template set already contains some markup which are often used in comms. Markup are tokens ending in 'BK' which are substitute for real customer detail. An example of such markup is the token 'NameBK' or 'AddressBK' which are replaced for the customer's first name and address respectively when processed by shopperee.

Upload or Delete a Template

All template management is performed through a single page < "Manage My Files".

Uploading a file is achieved through the "Upload" button. Only appropriate file types may be uploaded. Some template types such as HTML archives may report an error and disallow upload (see below for more details).

Deleting a file requires managers to simply click the "Delete" link where it is shown. These links only appear for customised files which are not part of the Shopperee default template set.


HTML Archive Specification (Used for eDMs)

An HTML archive is a zipped folder which contains an HTML file (named index.html) and zero or more folders containing marketing creative. This is a simple method of delivering content and images to Shopperee.


Designers should note that the archive should:

  1. Have an index file which contains the token 'UnsubscribeURLBK' - files will be rejected without this token.
  2. Not reference a file or link for browser view. This is automatically created by Shopperee.
  3. Only contain relative links to creative - unless images and other assets are designed to be stored on 3rd party servers.

Download a sample archive.(info)

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