Managing Resources

Resources are assets or staff with which your customers arrange appointments based on availability.

Create Resources

Creating resources is a simple process of entering details of your assets or staff. Example of such resources could be a tennis court, meeting room or a particular hairdresser.
To create a resource;

  1. Go to the Resource page
  2. Click the (+) symbol at the top of the resource table or click New in the menu
  3. Enter the resource details such as the name and location

Define Availability


Once you have created a resource, you will need to define several attributes that enable bookings:

  1. Services that the resource offers
  2. Availability of the resource
  3. Availability exceptions such as public holidays, leave times or permanent bookings.

Note that these attributes are defined in the Resource > Details page accessed through the Resource table. The attributes are added and removed in a consistent manner:

  • Adding an attribute - click the (+) symbol in the corresponding attribute table
  • Removing an attribute - select the attribute checkbox and click the (-) symbol to remove.

Resource Services

Specifying services merely tells shopperee which services you plan to provide with each resource. For example, a hairdresser would offer 'Hair cuts' or 'Hair colours' while a tennis court would offer 'Court Hire'. Pricing for these are defined in the My Business > Service page. To add a service to a resource once it's been selected, simply:

  1. Click the (+) symbol and select a service
  2. Specify if it's adhoc or sequence appointments
  3. State if the service is available for all your resources (saves time editing every resource) or just unique to the one you are editing.

Adhoc or Sequence Appointments
This data point tells Shopperee if you accept adhoc appointments which is any time resources are available or if you expect appointments sequenced from the start of the day.

If appointments are sequenced, Shopperee will fill your calendar from the start of the day to the end of the day. This works for businesses which don't want gaps in their calendar.


Detailing availability tells Shopperee when your resources are available for booking. Each attribute specifies a date of the week or a specific date. Your goal here is to specify your common practices and use ONE-OFF feature to extend availability.

The common attributes available used are MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, SAT and SUN. These tell shopperee the availability of your resource on each of those days.

An example of availability could be setting 9am-5pm for MON to SAT. If you have a particular day where you opened longer, you create a ONE-OFF attribute which enables availability on that date.

Availability Exceptions

These attributes describe when you do not want customers to make appointments, hence they are exceptions to availability. Use these to detail public holidays, days where you may close earlier or staff leave.

Similar to availability, you specify common attributes from MON to SUN which represent each day of the week. You may also use the additional exception attributes:

  • WEEKLY - restricts availability for the period specified repeated every week
  • MONTHLY - restricts availability for the period specified repeated every month
  • YEARLY - restricts availability for the period specified repeated every year
  • ONE OFF - restricts availability for a specific date period only
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