Making Appointments

To create an appointment, you must first use a view to specify the resource, date and time on which the appointment is to occur. Shopperee provides three handy views for you to zoom to the right selection. These include:

  1. Calendar View (For each Resource) - Week planner view for a single resource
  2. Appointment View - List of all your appointments in the future and for 14 days in the past.
  3. Resource Day View - Day planner to see all your appointments for every resource on a single page.

Planning Views

Note that - in all views - appointments are:

  1. Selected by clicking in its calendar block.
  2. Created by clicking and dragging the mouse over the required period. For example, an appointment from 4pm-5pm means you click in 4pm and drag until you hit 5pm.

Also, any bookings shown in green are schedules which were previously created in the "Schedules" section.

Resource Week View

The resource week view allows you to see a week of appointments for a particular resource. To get to this view, you must select the resource from the "Resource-Location-Week" list.
Selecting a Resource Calendar


Navigating and Using the Calendar
When the calendar appears, you can:

  1. Select any appointments to view details by clicking on any 'blue' icons
  2. Create new appointments by clicking and dragging the appropriate times
  3. View other dates by clicking the date navigation buttons

Booking List View

A Secondary view is the booking list view which shows you all future appointments and those for 14 days in the past. This view provides a list of all bookings for search to view, edit or delete.

The view also enables filtering by specifying the following values:

Field Pivot Description
Customer N/A Enter a complete or partial customer surname or first name to search for a particular customer
Resource N/A Select one or more resources from the drop down list to see only their appointments
Date Specific Date/Before/After Select a date on which to base your search
Time Specific Time/Before/After Select a time on which to base your search
Unmarked Attendance N/A Check this box to limit results to bookings where attendance is blank. Note this is defaulted to checked.

All parameters are additive meaning that each query combines all your nominated values to limit the result set.


Resource Day View

The day view allows managers to see all appointments for all resources on a single day on one page. This is a specialist requirement for businesses that have resources which can be booked interchangeably, e.g. a tennis center with multiple tennis courts where customers are (usually) able to accept a booking on any court without any preference. This view allows a manager to see any available resource and allocate it efficiently.

Note that this view is disabled by default. To enable, go to My Business > Setup and set "Show Day View" to "Yes" on the "Other" tab.
Like the weekly calendar, this view enables:

  1. Selection of appointments to view details by clicking on any 'blue' icons
  2. Creation of appointments by clicking and dragging the appropriate times
  3. View other dates by clicking the date navigation buttons

Making Appointments

After selecting a resource, date and time, to complete the appointment you need to enter the following details:

Field Description
Resource Name This field defaults to the first resource you selected; however, you may select multiple resources to book at the same time by clicking the » icon.
Service This is the service which the customer would like to book.
Customer Enter the customer details to enable account creation or select an existing customer.
Service Date This field defaults to the date you selected.
Service Time The start and end time of the appointment, defaulted to the period you selected. You may also use the mini day calendar to modify this period.
Repeat A field which allows you to repeat the booking over a number of weeks.
Cost Defaults to the cost calculated from the service; however, this value can be customised if necessary.
Payment Check the checkbox if the service is paid over the counter or leave blank to create a receivable against your customer.
Attendance Status For post paid services, the customer is only charged when the attendance is "Attended" or "No Show".
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