Make-Up Sessions

Make-Up sessions help manage cancelled or reschedule bookings. To use this part of Shopperee, you will need to issue make-up session credits to your customers, create replacement or make-up schedules and email your customers to inform them of their need to rebook.


Issue Credits

To issue credits, you must either use the bulk issue facility or assign credits individually.

Bulk Credit Issuance

Simply filter for the exact number of schedules which need credit issuance in the Schedule Bookings page. To learn more about filtering schedules, go to the main Schedule help page.

Once you have the filtered the correct schedules for bulk issuance, click on the "Manage Make-Up" menu. This will show you a page which displays outstanding credits by staff, location and date.

To add credits by bulk, click the (+) button for each combination of staff, location and date which need replacement credit. If you make a mistake, you can remove the credit by clicking the (-) button.

Issuing Individual Credit

If you cannot filter the exact set of schedules that you need or you want to credit a distinct set of individuals, you can apply credit manually. This is done in the Schedule Bookings > Bookings pages under the column "MSC".

Individual Credit Issuance

To issue credit individually, you must find your target schedule and enter the booking details page. Then modify the MSC by simply changing the value for the required customers before pressing Save.

Archiving Affect on Credits

Note that when you archive your old bookings, any attached make up session credits are removed from the system. This means that if your make up credits are not redeemed before archival, your customers will lose the ability to attend make up services through Shopperee. By default, elapsed bookings are archived once they have elapsed for 180 days. To read more on this feature, see Managing Schedules.

Create Make-Up Schedules

Once you have issued make-up credit, you will need to create new schedules to fulfil your customers needs. To do so, you can use the following instructions:

  1. Go to the Schedule>Make-Up Sessions page. This page shows you the Make-Ups that you owe to your customers and inventory that you have to fulfil the demand. The page groups the demand by Services.
  2. To meet the demand, simply click on the "New Make-Up Sessions" button for the Service which requires scheduling inventory. Once in the new schedule page, you enter scheduling details such as location, date and time that you would normally enter for your scheduled services. To learn more about schedules, see the Schedules help page.

Note that you may have Make-Up sessions that fulfil more than one service. This allows you to group many services into a single session. Take for example, you are running a Make-Up morning for all tennis classes for students under 12 years of age. In this case you could create a single Make-Up session and enable it for all services which were applicable to under 12 year olds.

Email Affected Customers

When credits and replacement sessions are in place, you should email your customers to ask them to book in. This task is done in the Connect & Report>Make Up Registration page.

In this page, Shopperee prepares a templated email which asks your customers to register for a replacement session. This page is almost identical to the normal email page; however, there is an additional filter to exclude any customers who have already been emailed.

Note that Shopperee provides you with a standard Make-Up Registration email. You may customise this email to meet your business messaging needs such as entering your logo or your communicating terms and conditions.

Make-Up Confirmation Email

When your customers have booked into sessions, you can send a confirmation email so they have a receipt of their booking. This may also include any other information that you want to message. This task is performed in the Connect & Report>Make Up Confirmation page.

Shopperee provides your business with a standard confirmation email. As above, you can customise this email to meet your messaging needs.

After this email has been sent for the first time, you can automated this email in the My Business>Automated Emails page.

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