Invoice Customer Model

Agent Sales Setup

To use the invoice customer model, you must setup Shopperee with commission related parameters and specify your selling agents.


Note that to use the agent selling part of Shopperee, you must:

  • Setup Shopperee to accept payments by PayPal.
  • Enable PayPal MassPay by contacting PayPal.
  • Set up terms and conditions of sales and commissions between yourself and your agents.

Commission Setup

There are two parameters used to control commission disbursement. These are setup in My Business>Setup page. The parameters allow:

  • Payment Delay - this allows you to delay payment by a configurable number of hours. For example, after a sale is completed, Shopperee will delay for your prefered number of hours before automatically disbursing payment. This parameter allows you to check over payables before they are disbursed.
  • Transaction Fee - this allows you to control a fee charged to your agents allowing you to recoup some incurred transaction fees. You can set this value to zero (0) to absorb the fees.

For more information see Commission Setup.

Agent Setup

Every agent will have to have an agent record in Shopperee. These are created or updated in the My Business>Agent/Staff pages.

Apart from entering agent personal details, you will also have to consider the following settings:

  • Enable Agent Application Access - set this check box to allow your agents to login. Once your agents are no longer part of your extended sales force, you can remove application access or delete the agent's record.
  • Revenue Share Percentage - this percentage controls the amount of revenue which is paid in commission. For example, if your agent sells a service worth $100 and has 20% revenue share, a $20 commission is paid to him or her.
  • PayPal Revenue Share Email - this setting allows you to override the agent's identifying email. This could be used when a set of agents share a common workplace PayPal email but have individual emails for access.

Note that all agents use a Google Account for entry to the Shopperee Agent Application. For more information on setting up a Google Account, see Agent and Staff Login.

Terms and Conditions of Refunds

Note that Shopperee does not facilitate refunding or recouping commissions should a transaction be cancelled, refunded or in any way declared void. Arrangements for refunds must be set between merchants and their agents. Shopperee is not responsible for managing reversals from customers or agents should a refunding situation arise.

Take for example a cruise which is sold on behalf of a merchant by an agent which is subsequently cancelled and refunded to the customer. Here, the merchant must have prior arrangements with the agent to handle such a case. Merchants could consider invoice their agents or holding bonds to recoup refunds.

Commission Transactions

Commission transactions are made up of three components, a sale, commission and transaction fees {may be set at zero (0)}.

A sample transaction would look like the following:

Description Value
Service and/or product Sales $100
Commission (assume 20% was set) $20
Less Transaction Fee (assume 10% was set) $2
Total Paid to Agent $18

System Security Defaults

  • When an error occurs with PayPal MassPay, a record indicating the is written into the corresponding agent's journal. Shopperee will no longer perform automatic disbursement to this agent until the journal is deleted.
  • Daily payment cap is set to $500 for every merchant.
  • No more than 150 payers may be paid in 1 disbursement transaction.
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