Invoice Agent Model

Agent Setup

Every agent requires an agent record in Shopperee. These are created or updated in the My Business>Agent/Staff pages.

Apart from entering agent personal details, you will also have to consider the following settings:

  • Enable Agent Application Access - set this check box to allow your agents to login. Once your agents are no longer part of your extended sales force, you can remove application access or delete the agent's record.
  • Price Override - set this check box to allow your agents to override ticket prices.
  • Bulk Ticket Sales - set this check box to allow your agents to accept bookings without taking names. Only the lead customer (or organiser) will be required to provide first name, surname and mobile phone number.

Note that all agents use a Google Account for entry to the Shopperee Agent Application. For more information on setting up a Google Account, see Agent and Staff Login.

Process Flow

Agents bookings are similar to customer bookings except that agents login before booking.

Step 1:

Go to and login using a Google Account

Step 2:

Filter and Book

Step 3:

Specify Prices, Ticket Numbers and Passenger Details
Note that you prices can only be modified if the agent has been given the privilege through the Shopperee manager.

Step 4:

Review Order and Commit

Step 5:

Note that this page will be modified to display the customer order for print.

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