Internet Marketing With Shopperee

For businesses going from offline to online commerce, the internet can be a confusing place to operate. However, with Shopperee's merchandising links, businesses can reach and target many different consumer segments, particularly those which are socially connected and oftentimes free. If you are new to internet marketing, consider some of the channels below which can help you build awareness for your company's products and potentially convert new prospects.

Merchandise With Shopperee

While you can send short messages about your business to prospects, it is recommended that you do so with a direct link to a booking or product. This enables your customer to capitalise on messaging, engage and action a purchase. To read more about merchandising, see our merchandising capabilities.

Marketing Channels

# Channel Cost Description
Electronic Direct Mail FREE - but EDM development varies There is no better channel than direct customers who have already enjoyed your services and products. Shopperee not only allows you to send tracked HTML eDM but also allows you to send your customers direct to transactional pages via merchandising links. For more information on eDM, see Managing Templates .
Facebook Event FREE - but can be promoted with Facebook Ad Use facebook events to promote a new schedule or product launch. Here, you can leverage your booking or merchandising link to enable customers to directly purchase your goods and/or services.
Facebook Post FREE - but can be promoted with Sponsorship Post directly into your fanpage which will reach your entire social network. Use such posts to announce new schedules, products or sales.
Twitter Tweet FREE - but can be promoted in search Tweet details about your new schedules, products or sales which'll will reach your entire network. Also, leveraging the right twitter conversations though hashtags can be an effective way to garner attention. Use only shortened URLs here.
Google Adwords Cost Per Click Pricing Google Adwords can be a great way to reach a target audience. To enable direct transactions businesses using Shopperee could use their booking or merchandising link either in an Adwords landing page or directly from their text ad.
Facebook Ads Cost Per Click Pricing Like Adwords, Facebook can be a great way to reach a target audience particularly a consumer one. To enable direct transactions, businesses using Shopperee should use their booking or merchandising link either in a Facebook Ad.
Aggregators such as True Local and Gumtree FREE - but can be promoted with Ad Aggregator directories or local trading sites often allow direct links to business. These listings should leverage Shopperee's merchandising links to enable transactions.
SMS 10/15c depending on your plan Send SMS to announce short term sales where you may discount because only a few places are left or you need to move excess stock quickly. Use only shortened URLs here.
Site News FREE Business with significant traffic should promote new schedules, products or sales in their home pages or pages with the highest amount of traffic. Leveraging impressions in such a way often leads to sales conversion.
Blog FREE Associate blogs or direct business blogs discussing relevant services or products can be leveraged for outreach. Use your merchandising links here to lead prospects directly to a transactional Shopperee page.
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