Filtering Schedules

On the schedule page, a series of filters enables you to reduce schedules to a working set. Filters offered include:

  • Staff - specify one or more staff schedules to find
  • Location - specify one or more locations to find
  • Date Series - specify one or more date series to find
  • Date - specify a date on which the schedule will be offered
  • Time - specify a time which the schedule is set
  • Make-up - returns only make-up schedules
  • Include Elapsed - includes any elapsed schedules.

The image below illustrates the filter.


Multiple Filtering Criteria

Please note that you can use one or more of the filter criteria to find your inventory. See the following examples:

  1. If you wanted all schedules for a particular staff member - choose the staff member in the "Staff" filter and press Query.
  2. If you wanted all schedules after 7pm on a particular date - enter the date into the "Date" field, choose 'On or after' before entering 19:00 in the time field and pressing Query.


Filters are also persistent, meaning that they will remain until cleared in each login session. This allows you to flip between managing schedules and bookings without losing your working schedule set.

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