Facebook Shopperee App

Shopperee provides a Facebook App for merchants to book services and sell products. These apps are within the Facebook experience and enable conversion of prospects acquired through Facebook. See figure below:


Setup Instructions

Note that there are two installers:

  • Booking App - which enables both online bookings and product sales (if you have created inventory in the manager)
  • Product Sales App - which sells your products

Using the product sales app enables your customers to buy products without booking a service.

To setup the Shopperee App on your Facebook Business page, use the following instructions:

  1. Get Shopperee to enable the Facebook app for your account.
  2. Download the Shopperee Button pack.(info)
  3. Go to either the BOOKING App installer or PRODUCT App installer and click on the install link.
  4. After clicking the install link, you will be shown an Add to Page Tab dialog:
  5. Choose your page and press "Add Page Tab". Note that you will be told that you have not been signed to Shopperee.
  6. Go to your Facebook Page and you should see the Shopperee app:
  7. Edit the Tab Button by clicking the pencil icon which appears in the top right:
  8. In edit mode, you will see the edit dialog:
  9. Click "Change" for the Custom Tab Image field:
  10. Choose an image from the Button pack you downloaded in step 2.
  11. Once uploaded, your Shopperee link will look similar to the following:
  12. The Shopperee App is now installed on your Facebook page.
  13. If necessary, go to the settings dialog shown in step 8 and change the Tab name to a more relevant title. For example, "Book Classes" or "Book Cruises" or "Pro Shop" or "Shop Now".
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