electronic Direct Mail (eDM)

eDMs are a great way to stay in touch with customers. Generally these are used to promote your business. However, in conjunction with Shopperee, eDMs are used for invoicing, receipting, promotion and a whole host of other communications. Some of these can include:

  • Operational emails such as invoicing, receipting or reminders.
  • Advisory, newsletter or business updates.
  • Promotion of upcoming events, services or new product releases.
  • Marketing tacticals such as free giveaways or time boxed pricing promotions.

Shopperee eDM Production

Shopperee provides leading eDM features fully integrated with its customer database management so you can easily communicate with customers individually or by segments. Key features include:


Accepted Formats Features

Shopperee's different eDM formats enable you to optimise your communications with customers.

Format MS Word MHTL Standard HTML (Editable)
Primary Use Print documents such as invoices or receipts All emails promotional and day-to-day operational
Skill Level Basic Moderate to Advanced
User Target Business staff From business staff to Web designer
Software Required Microsoft Word Shopperee or Any HTML Editor
More Information Managing Templates HTML Archive
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