Early Payment Discount

Shopperee enables automatic payment discounts for customers who pay their full bill on or before a preset due date. This tends to encourage customers to pay early improving cash flow - an important part of every business.

These discounts are a clear and effective way of incentivising early payments. Not only do they reward (rather than punish) your customers, they are communicated very clearly in every invoice. The following describes the process flow:


Early payment discounts are enabled for services only. Note that a discount is given to every booking which is made for an "early payment discount" service. Take for example where a drama school offers a $10 early payment discount for beginner and advanced classes. In the situation where a customer is in both a beginner and an advanced class, he or she will enjoy a discount of $20 for paying on or before the due date.

To discount products, you must use a voucher. See more detail in the Vouchers wiki page.

Configuring Discounts

Early payment discounts are configured in the Setup page on the "Discounts" tab.

There are only two parameters applicable.

  1. Discount Amount - this is a whole number which represents either the 'dollar' value (e.g. $10) or 'percentage' (e.g. 10%) of discount. Note only the number is entered in the parameter page.
  2. Discount Amount Type - enter the text 'DOLLAR' or 'PERCENTAGE' to specify if you are using a dollar value or percentage discount.
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