Automatic Payment

Automatic payments are provided through PayChoice. It is therefore mandatory to have a PayChoice account to enable automatic payments. For more information, see the PayChoice setup page.

Automatic payments are implemented by collecting customer credit or debit card details - stored by PayChoice - and charging them when customers are invoiced. To signal customers of an upcoming deduction, payments are deducted 2 calendar days after invoices are sent.

The process flow for automatic payments are shown in the following diagram:



To setup, ensure that all your PayChoice setup details are complete and choose 'YES' for automatic payments in the accepted payments section.

Automatic Payment Discounts

To encourage customers to adopt automatic payments, some businesses offer discounts on charges that are paid automatically. Set this up in the My Business > Discounts tab completing the following parameters:

Option Value
Discounts: Auto Pay Discount (enter %) Enter a numeric value for the discount percentage, e.g. 10 for 10%
Discounts: Auto Pay Discount Threshold ($) Enter the minimum payment amount before the automatic payment discount is applied, e.g. 100 to enforce a $100 minimum before the discount is applied
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